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ENCJ advises the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Upon the request of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of Bosina and Herzegovina the ENCJ rendered an advice on proposed legislation that aims to alter the way that prosecutors are appointed. The President of the ENCJ appointed Justice Geoffrey Vos (on behalf of the Judges'Council of England and Wales) and Judge Gianluca Forlani (on behalf of the CSM Italy) to prepare the report. The report was approved by the Steering Committee and presented to the President of the HJPC Milorad Novkovic. 

ENCJ General Assembly 5-7 June Sofia

The ENCJ General Assembly meets from 5-7 June. The meeting is hosted by the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria. The central theme of the meeting is: "Independence and Accountability of the Justice System". The ENCJ is taking stock of the current developments in the justice systems in Europe as regards the accountability of the members of the judiciary, the independence and accountability of Councils for the Judiciary and the role of Councils for the Judiciary in dealing with the challnges in this field. The European Commission will address the General Assembly on the the same theme. 

European Commission publishes report on European Judicial Training

In its Communication “Building trust in EU-wide justice. A new dimension to European judicial training", the European Commission set the goal of ensuring that half of all legal practitioners in the EU (around 700,000) are trained in EU law or the national law of another Member State by 2020. In 2012 the European Commission carried out the first reporting on European judicial training.

New EU and ECHR law blog

European Courts is an EU and ECHR law blog. Its general objective is a better understanding of EU and human rights law. This blog also aims at bridging the gap between the law in the books and the law in action. It is a platform of exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of European law between judges, prosecutors, lawyers and legal academics.

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