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On 16 th August 2018 the ENCJ Board informed the Polish KRS that it would convene an Extraordinary General Assembly on 17 September 2018 in Bucharest, to decide on the position of the KRS in the ENCJ. The Board has proposed to the Members of the ENCJ to suspend the membership of the KRS as it no longer meets the requirements of ENCJ that it is independent of the Executive and Legislature so as to ensure the Independence of the Polish Judiciary (link to the position paper of the Board). 

In the ENCJ Lisbon declaration adopted on 1st June 2018, the ENCJ General Assembly stated that it was going to consider the position of the KRS in ENCJ. As part of this process a delegation of the ENCJ Board visited Warsaw on 21st June. After the visit the ENCJ received the replies of the KRS to the issues raised by the Board. 

Taking into account the replies of the KRS and after having studied all other relevant materials (i.e. the position of the Polish Judges Associations) the Board considers that the KRS no longer fulfils the requirements for Membership of the ENCJ.