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On 21st June an ENCJ delegation consisting of the President Kees Sterk, Executive Board members Nerijus Meilutis and Luca Forteleoni and the director of the ENCJ Office, Monique van der Goes, visited Warsaw for a meeting with the Polish National Judicial Council, the KRS. The meeting with the KRS is part of a process that the ENCJ has announced in its Lisbon Declaration to review the position of the KRS in ENCJ. A number of issues that the ENCJ wanted to address were sent in advance of the meeting (see full list). Some of the issues were discussed during the meeting, but the KRS has promised to send a written reply within three weeks at the latest (the replies of the KRS were received on Friday 14 July). 

Further meetings were held with the President of the Supreme Court, representatives of the main judges´ associations and with the Polish Ombudsman.