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digital_justice_amsterdamOn 31st March the ENCJ organised a Digital Justice Seminar in the District Court of Amsterdam. The aim of the meeting was to identify the role and position of Councils and/or the Judiciaries in the Digital Justice Age. In many countries the judiciaries are not, or not sufficiently involved in the development of new e-justice applications. Participants will explore what the position of the judiciary is, or should be, in the whole digitisation process. The seminar also served to identify the ENCJ Strategy in this field. 

The programme was organised around discussions on 4 themes:

1. Access to Justice in a Digital Age - presentation Merit Kolvart, Ministry of Justice Estonia
2. Big Data - presentation Bart van der Sloot, Tilburg University
3. IT systems: from being supportive to running the system
4. European e-Justice Strategy

Report with findings and conclusions of the seminar.