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The European Commission has invited the ENCJ to contribute to the European Commission Rule of law report.

ENCJ's contribution (for the ENCJ contribution, click here) is amongst other based on the information collected from ENCJ Members', the ENCJ general statements, actions and letters.

The contribution draws attention to judicial solidarity as the core value in times of crisis, which served as background for the Athens declaration. In this realm continuous support for independent judiciary in Poland was professed and findings from the support visit to Hungary were described. It was followed by an overview of the core horizontal developments in among Councils for the Judiciary: positive developments were assessed in Ireland and Luxembourg, while delays in formation and/or change of the Councils for the Judiciary were attested in Spain and Bulgaria.

Results of the 4th ENCJ Survey on the Independence of Judges carried out in 2022 revealed struggles in the realm of cooperation with other state powers. In a State governed by the Rule of Law, all state powers should support each other in carrying out their functions, and all should refrain from interfering with the competence of others. Councils for the Judiciary should act to strengthen and maintain the Rule of Law, in particular by providing support for judicial independence, accountability and the quality of the judiciary.