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At the ENCJ General Assembly in Athens on 3 June 2022, five Members and Observers presented their best idea which has been successful and has led to positive change.

Raad voor de rechtspraak Netherlands won the 2022 ENCJ Award for Positive Change with their ‘Firefighters Brigade’. The firefighters brigade assists courts with backlogs. Thanks to the brigade, the processing of cases can be accelerated.

The ideas presented were:

HRJ/CSJ Belgium - Project Student@Court  

Judges Council England and Wales - Support to citizens who are unable to use the new online and digital systems

NCA Finland - Response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Rvdr Netherlands - 'Firefighters brigade'

CGPJ Spain KENDOJ - Processing system of legal documents


Filippo Donati, President ENCJ, and Areanne Dorsman, vice-chair of the Netherlands Council for the Judiciary