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The ENCJ adopted the Bratislava manifesto on 7 June 2019 in which it makes the following points:

  • The ENCJ calls for a European dialogue between the state powers as a means to achieve effective protection against intervention by other branches of state. The ENCJ stands ready to play its part in that dialogue.
  • The ENCJ calls for a formalised consultation status within the European Union for national Judiciaries through the ENCJ and other relevant EU level judicial networks.
  • The ENCJ urges the European Institutions to endorse the central role the judiciaries and judicial networks play in promoting and protecting the Rule of Law and formalise their role in any future Rule of Law evaluation mechanism.
  • The ENCJ calls upon the European Institutions, in particular the European Commission, to encourage further investments by the Member States in their judiciaries and to ensure that Member States involve judiciaries in relation to reform or modernization plans.
  • The ENCJ believes that relevant information on national judicial systems such as any European Commission synthesis of the information gathered in the preparation of the EU Justice Scoreboard, the European Semester, the information collected and the standards developed by the Council of Europe, the ENCJ and other EU judicial networks should be promoted through e.g. raising public awareness, and be made available in a centralised and easily  accessible place.   

ENCJ 2019 Bratislava Manifesto