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At the ENCJ market in Bratislava on 7 June 2019, eight Members  of the ENCJ presented  their best idea which has been succesful and has led to positive change. A wide variety of ideas were presented in a traditional market setting.

The Judicial Council of Lithuania won the ENCJ Award for Positive Change for the second time with their Knowledge is Power programme.

The HRJ/CSJ Belgium was a very close runner-up with their programme called "Flavour", about simple language. The CGPJ Spain was also a very close runner up, with their "Risk prevention Plan" idea.   

The ideas presented on the market were: 

HRJ/CSJ Belgium - Project Flavour

HRJ/CSJ Belgium - Selection of Court presidents 

Judges Council England and Wales- e divorce

CSM Italy - Gender based and Domestic violence: from repression to prevention

TP Latvia- Communication System

TT Lithuania - Legal education initiatives: Knowledge is Power

Sudna Rada Slovakia -Access to acts on the Judiciary -Access to legals acts in minority languages 

Sudna Rada Slovakia - Education of the public

Judicial council Scotland- Judicial Hub

CGPJ Spain -  Risk Prevention Plan

Mr. Meilutis receiving the award on behalf of TT Lithuania