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On the 30th May 2018 the ENCJ Members gathered in Lisbon to elect a new President and 4 new Board Members. 

Mr. Kees Sterk, member of the  Netherlands Council for the Judiciary, was elected to succeed Ms Nuria Díaz Abad as President of the ENCJ. His mandate will start on 1 June 2018 and last two years. 

The Hoge Raad voor de Justitie (HRJ/CSJ) of Belgium, the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura (CSM) of Italy, the Judicial Council of Lithuania (TT) and the Consejo General del Poder Judicial of Spain were elected into the Board for two years. 

The Dutch, Romanian, Scottish and Slovenian Councils for the Judiciary ended their mandate as Board member. 



Kees Sterk, ENCJ President from 1 June 2018