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On Saturday 3rd September 2016 over 1000 Polish judges gathered in Warsaw to discuss the ongoing tension between Poland's government and Constitutional Tribunal. In addition the congress discussed a new prosecution act and the influence of planned judicial reforms on the independence of courts and judges. The congress adopted three resolutions in which the judges a.o.

  • call on the representatives of the executive power and the legislative power to engage in a real dialogue with the judiciary;nda_warsaw_2016
  • call on the government to respect the judgments of the Constitutional Tribunal and to publish them; 
  • express their concern about the proposals to amend the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland and
  • express their solidarity with Turkish judges unlawfully dismissed from service in connection with recent developments in Turkey.

Nuria Díaz Abad, the President of the ENCJ, addressed the congress (video) and set out the various ENCJ standards in the relevant fields.