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At its General Assemby which took place from 1st to 3rd June in Warsaw the ENCJ adopted the Warsaw declaration on the Future of Justice in Europe. 

In the declaration the ENCJ amongst others recognises that the administration of Europe’s justice systems in the 21st century will change radically as a result of the use of information and communication technology. It looks forward to the use of online dispute resolution and other technologies to deliver justice more effectively and quickly and at lower cost to all European citizens.  It will still be essential for the ENCJ and its members and observers to maintain and strengthen the independence and accountability of judiciary for the benefit of European citizens in order to ensure that they have effective access to justice.

In relation to the developing situation in Poland, the ENCJ emphasises the importance of the executive respecting the independence of the judiciary, and only undertaking reforms to the justice system after meaningful consultation with the Council for the Judiciary and the judges themselves.

Speech by Lord Justice Vos at the Presidential Palace.