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On 9-10 November 2015 ENCJ organised a regional Timeliness seminar in Bucharest for the Central and South Eastern countries. The seminar was the 3rd in a series of 4 seminars. Participants came from the Judicial Councils and authorities of Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Romaina, Slovenia and Slovakia. The CEPEJ and the European Commission also attended and addressed the participants. The meeting was chaired by ENCJ coordinator Mr Niels Grubbe of Denmark and hosted by the Romanian CSM.

encj_timeliness_seminar_2015The aim of the seminar was to increase awareness for the issue of Timeliness, to deepen the understanding of causes and remedies, and to discuss the recommendations and the cooperation between stakeholders, and thus to further the implementation of the recommendations. It was deemed appropriate to organise the seminars with participants from countries within a region with comparable culture and legal traditions.