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In September 2014 the new members of the Consiglio Superiode della Magistratura started their four-year mandate. Under Italy'sConstitution the CSM is the self-government body of the judiciary; it is competent for recruitment, allocation, transfer, promotion, and disciplinarymeasures in respect of magistrates. 

csm_italy_2014_2018The CSM has 24 Members including 3 ex officio members; the President of the Republic, chairman of the CSM, the President and Prosecutor General of the Court of Cassation, 16 career members elected by their peers (2 magistrates from the Court of Cassation deciding on legitimacy issues; 14 magistrates discharging prosecution/judicial functions on the merits) and 8 lay members (elected by the two Houses of Parliament in joint sitting by secret ballot from  a shortlist of university professors in law and lawyers with at least fifteen years of professional seniority). 

The members hold office for four years and may not be re-elected for a consecutive term. The Council elects, from among the lay members, a deputy-Chair, who will chair the Council plenary sessions whenever the President of the Republic is absent, or else upon the President's delegation, as well as chairing the Presidency Board. Mr. Giovanni Legnini was the elected as Vice-President on its first meeting held on 25 September 2014.