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The ENCJ General Assembly meets from 5-7 June. The meeting is hosted by the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria. The central theme of the meeting is: "Independence and Accountability of the Justice System". The ENCJ is taking stock of the current developments in the justice systems in Europe as regards the accountability of the members of the judiciary, the independence and accountability of Councils for the Judiciary and the role of Councils for the Judiciary in dealing with the challnges in this field. The European Commission will address the General Assembly on the the same theme. 

The three project teams that have been working over the last year will present their reports. The projects have dealt with the following topics:

  •  Development of Minimum Judicial Standards regarding Evaluation of Professional Performance and Irremovability of Members of the Judiciary;
  • Judicial Reform: Guidelines for Effective Justice Delivery;
  • Distillation of ENCJ Standards, Guidelines and Recommendations.