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2016 EU Justice Scoreboard

On 11 April 2016 the European Commission presented the 2016 EU Justice Scoreboard. As in in previous years the ENCJ collaborated with the Commission on some parts of the Scoreboard. In addition to the scoreboard two Flash Eurobarometers were published. Number 435 deals with perceived independence of national courts in the EU Member States by the general public. Number 436 deals with the perception of judicial independence by companies.

The data used in paragraph 3.3.2 of the scoreboard on structural independence were collected through an updated questionnaire drawn up by the European Commission in close association with the ENCJ. Responses from Member States without Councils for theJudiciary were obtained through cooperation with the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the EU. Other data used in this section of the scoreboard are taken from the ENCJ Guide

Responses to the questionnaire per country that were collected through the ENCJ

Belgium                                                     Netherlands
Bulgaria Poland
Croatia Portugal
Denmark Romania
France Slovenia 
Hungary Slovakia
Ireland Spain
Italy CSM / Italy CPGA   Sweden
Latvia UK-England and Wales
Lithuania UK - Northern Ireland
Malta UK- Scotland


CJEU launches app

The Court of Justice of the European Union launched its application, CVRIA, for smartphones and tablets, which runs under both IOS and Android. The application is available in 23 EU languages which can be selected in the menu by the user. It has four sections:
Case-law: gives easy access to the latest decisions of the Courts of the CJEU (judgments, orders and Opinions);  
Press releases: shows the 10 most recent press releases published by the institution;
Judicial calendar: gives an overview of the hearings, readings of Opinions and deliveries of judgments scheduled for the next five weeks;
Search: gives easy access to all the case-law of the Court. This section allows searches to be made by case number, parties’ names and date and in full text mode.

The application is available in Google Play and the App Store:

Staying up-to-date
  • The European E-Justice web portal was launched by the EU in July 2010 in 22 official EU languages. It is an easily accessible tool for citizens, businesses, legal practitioners and the judiciary, dealing with cross-border legal issues, providing a wealth of information on the legal systems of all EU Member States.
  • The Law Societies Joint Brussels Office regularly publishes the "Brussels Agenda", their free monthly e-newsletter with key EU legislative developments affecting legal practitioners. It is also possible to subscribe to regular updates on Civil litigation; Company law and financial services; Consumer law; Criminal law; Employment law; Environment law; Family law; Intellectual property; Taxation law and the monthly developments from the European Court of Justice. Subscribe by sending an email to: brussels(at)lawsociety.org.uk
The Association of Councils of State - ACA-Europe

The Association of Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union (ACA-Europe) organises an annual colloquium on a specific topic. In June 2010 the general theme was preventing backlog in administrative justice. The report is an inventory  of the current procedures in the Member States and reviews the problems that may be encountered when attempting to clear backlogs.

The Association also organises meetings for a small number of participants on more specific topics. In November 2009 the evaluation of judges was the topic of a seminar.  

The website of ACA also includes a "Tour of Europe" that gives an overview of the administrative justice in each member State of the Union and a guide to preliminary ruling proceedings before the ECJ with direct links to the relevant case law and a database containing national decisions concerning Community Law from 1959 up to present day.

Directory of European networks and bodies relating to justice
The directory attempts to put together the various judicial networks and bodies relating to justice that operate with the EU and the Council of Europe.

05/04/2016 > CCJE and the CCPE publish report on the challenges for judicial impartiality and independence in Council of Europe member States

Report from the CCJE and the CCPE on the main challenges for judicial impartiality and independence in Council of Europe member States The Bureaus of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE [ ... ]



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