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The ENCJ has set up a permanent office in Brussels to support the Network in achieving its aims. The Office functions as an administrative unit under the authority of the President and the Executive Board and is currently located at Rue de la Croix de Fer 67, Brussels.


  • Ms Monique van der Goes, director
  • Ms Natalie Callebaut management-assistant
  •  johnthomasstefaandeclerckjacquesbarrot19feb2009

    John Thomas, ENCJ President 2008-2010, Stefaan de Clerck, Minister of Justice of Belgium and the European Commisisoner for Justice Affairs, Jacques Barrot at the offical opening of the ENCJ Office on 19 February 2009

    Internship programme

    The ENCJ has an internship programme. Staff members of the ENCJ Members are offered a two-month internship at the ENCJ Office.
    • Mr. Strahil Nedkov, Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria, October/November 2015
    • Ms Judita Tamošiūnaitė, National Court Administration of Lithuania, March-June 2014
    • Ms. Alexandra Brazitsova, Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria, October/November 2013
    • Ms. Amy Shaw, Judges' Council of England and Wales, May/July 2012 and August/September 2013
    • Mr. Grégoire van Oost, Intern, Student at Ecole pratique des hautes études commerciales, Brussels, February/May 2012
    • Ms. Simona Santarelli, Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, March/April 2012
    • Mr. Rasmus Nielsen, Domstolsstyrelsen, Denmark, January/February 2012
    • Ms. Cristina Ben Ezra, Consiliul Superior al Magistraturii Romania, November/December 2011
    • Mr. Marco Frauhammer,  special assignment of the Leadership Academy of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, September/October 2011
    • Ms. Brigit Teurlings, Netherlands Council for the Judiciary, May/June 2011
    • Ms. Skaistė Gataveckaitė, National Court Administration of Lithuania, March/April 2011
    • Ms. Christina Todorova, Supreme Judicial Council Bulgaria, January/February 2011
    • Ms. Barbora Dorickova, Sudna Rada Slovakia, October/November 2010
    • Mr. Rafal Michalczewski, Krajowa Rada Sadownictwa Poland, May/June 2010
    • Ms. Mercedes Diez Herraez, Consejo General del Poder Judicial Spain, March/April 2010
    • Ms. Rebecca Williams, Judges'Council of england and Wales, November/December 2009
    • Ms. Karolina Janson-Ernert, Krajowa Rada Sadownictwa Poland, September/October 2009



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