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On 7-9 June, 2023 ENCJ General Assembly on a topic "Courts fit for the future" took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The ENCJ General Assembly was hosted by Sodni Svet.

One of the aims of the General Assembly was to take into account the challenges and the opportunities that the current social, economic and digital changes bring to the courts and assess the role of the judiciary in the future. Based on these discussions, Ljubljana declaration was adopted, where role of the judiciary in the modern society and the aims towards its composition are reiterated, the extent of the use of IT tools and artificial intelligence tools is discussed and the need for external communication is stressed. 

"The expectations placed by the society on the judiciaries seem to have grown and shifted. It is therefore important to discuss and reassess the role of the judiciary among ourselves and Councils for the Judiciary seem to be the right actors to take upon this task" - notes Ms. Dalia Vasariene, President of the ENCJ. 


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