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On 9 and 10 July an ENCJ delegation travelled to Hungary for a courtesy visit to the Hungarian National Council for the Judiciary. Meetings were held with the members of the Council and Kees Sterk, the President of the ENCJ, gave an address on topics such as self-governance and the role of Councils for the Judiciary

The delegation also met the Minister of Justice, who explained that he has been tasked with two important issues: the assessment of the administration of the judiciary and setting up the new administrative court system. 

Viktor Vadasz, member of the Hungarian National Judicial Council (OBT) wrote an article with the title: "Crisis in the Hungarian Judicial Adminsitration?" which provides an excellent insight in the challenges the OBT is currently facing. 

The ENCJ Board delegation offered its support to the members of the OBT and promised that the Board would continue to monitor developments in Hungary.