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The joint ELI-ENCJ project focused on an examination of the development of ADR in Europe. It was particularly concentrated on: 

  • a critical review of the EU ADR instruments, and specifically the Mediation Directive, and their implementation in different Member States
  • comparison of national questionnaires aimed at ascertaining whether and where reduced access to the national justice systems would be and is being a negative development. The national reports were used to gather information on shortcomings and best practices in national ADR systems

The ELI-ENCJ statement on The Relationship between Formal and Informal Justice: the Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution was adopted by the ELI Council on 8 February 2018 and by the ENCJ General Assembly on 1 June 2018. 

Go to the ELI website for more information on the project and on the conference that will be oranised in November 2018 in Trier.