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Registration ENCJ Projects 2022-2023

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The General Assembly in Athens adopted the ENCJ 2022-2023 work plan which includes the set-up of several projects.

1. Project on Independence, Accountability and Quality of the Judiciary

Coordinators :  SJC AJ Greece and Rvdr Netherlands (assisted by TT Lithuania and ENCJ Office)      

The project will continue the work on both parts:

1. Independence and Accountability
2. Quality of the Judiciary

The project team will meet on 29-30 September 2022 in Lisbon. There will be a possibility to join the meeting online. 

2. ENCJ Digital Justice Forum

Coordinators:  Rvdr Netherlands and Sodni Svet Slovenia          

The aim of the Forum is to provide a network for the exchange of information and advice for national experts dealing with digitization;
•    Promote dialogue on challenges and opportunities – balancing efficiency and access to justice and independence;
•    To monitor developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the challenges and opportunities it may provide for the judiciary;
•    To exchange best practices and developments on national level;
•    To provide a judicial perspective on e-Justice to the European Commission;
•    To liaise with CEPEJ Cyberjustice working group, CCBE, Unit E-Justice DG JUST EC.

 An in person meeting is foreseen in the Spring, two or three online meetings will be organised before the Spring. ENCJ MEmbers and Observers are kindly requested to register for the forum even if they participated in previous years. 


3. Project on Internal Organisation  

Coordinators:  ENCJ President and President-elect

There will be no separate project group, meetings with ENCJ Members will be organised in the framework of meetings of the other ENCJ Projects.            


4. Dialogue group on Attractiveness of the Judicial Career

 Coordinators:             HRJ/CSJ Belgium and TT Lithuania

Across Europe the judiciaries face trouble in attracting candidates to be appointed as judges. Issues that will be taken into account are the representativeness of the judiciary and how to ensure that the judiciary reflects the society it serves in all its diversity. 

More details will follow in due course. Registration is open. 


5. Project on a Code of Conduct for Councils

Coordinators: CSM Romania & Sudna Rada Slovakia

This project is a continuation of the work that started last year. The composition of the group was decided last year, no possibility to register at this stage. 


Registration is closed, contact the ENCJ Office 




ENCJ Projects and Lunchseminars

ENCJ Project on a Code of Conduct for the Councils for the Judiciary

  • Project fiche

Materials from ENCJ Members


ENCJ Projects 2020-2021

Lunch seminars

Since September 2020 ENCJ regulary organises lunch seminars. The reports and relevant documents of the seminars will be published here. 

  • September 2020 - Restarting the Courts after lockdown
  • October and November 2020 - The situation of the Judiciary in Turkey
  • January 2021 - The situation of the Judiciary in Poland
  • February 2021 - The relations between Councils for the Judiciary and Judges Associations
  • March 2021 - The situation of the Judiciary in Hungary
  • April 2021 - ENCJ strategy 2022-2025
  • May 2021 - Judicial reform in Spain 
  • June 2021 - Presentation ENCJ reports and workplan
  • September 2021 - EC Rule of law report 2021 and 2022 Justice Scoreboard 
  • October 2021 - Liability of judges
  • November 2021 - The situation of the judiciary in Afghanistan 
  • February 2022 - ENCJ Thematic dialogue groups 
  • March 2022 - The situation in Ukraine 
  • April 2022 - Diversity policies 
  • Presentation of the Rule of Law report 2022 (September 2022)
  • Situation of the judiciary in Hungary (October 2022)
  • Tour of Europe – recent developments (November 2022) 
  • Update on the situation in Poland - (February 2023)
  • Judicial vetting (April 2023)